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9 August 2016 Kendall Jenner Bun

25 Coolest Buns from Celebrities from Jessica Alba to Katy Perry

1 Although buns are feminine hairstyle, they may sometimes look very masculine. African actress Charlize Theron is the name that introduce us the masculine bun on red carpet with her tight bun that disappears her hairs....
19 April 2016 The Best 5 Buns from Podiums

Just Tie Up: The Best 5 Buns from Podiums

Suno This simple model, which resembles the hair style of high school girls of 90s, is simply obtained by folding the pony tail and putting on a hairclip. This simple model is ideal for people who prefer minimalism over the messiness of natural buns. The key to this model is a soothing and shining hair […]...
19 April 2016 Make a Ballet Bun in 10 Steps

How to Make a Ballet Bun: 10 Steps

It is now really easy to make a ballet bun, which is commonly used for both daily and for special moments, at home in a short time. 1st Step: First thoroughly comb your hair and make a proper ponytail at the top. Be careful not to tie the hair band too firm or too loose....