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19 April 2016 10 Hairstyles that Left Their Marks in History

Hair Trends of the Spring

Vacation Hair Color The most important trend about the hair color is to look like you have gone on vacation before you actually do, which is making your hair look like it became lighter due to sun and sea. With ombre and express shine methods, bleaching the color 1-2 tones lighter than your natural tone […]...
19 April 2016 Hairstyles that All Women Try

Hairstyles that All Women Try

Apparently we try at least 3 of them in our lifetimes. Asymmetric Cuts The down side of this style, which we get after hearing that it makes our faces look thinner, is growing it. It usually ends with getting it cut shortly....
19 April 2016 Hairstyles for Little Girls

Easy Hairstyles for Little Girls

Really easy hairdos that will make your little girls even more beautiful… Reverse fishtail braid Part the hair into two from the middle. Take the part that you will braid and split into three. Start doing the herringbone braid in reverse. For the reverse herringbone braid, take a tuft from the right and add to […]...
23 March 2016 Style Your Hair Practical and Elegant

Style Your Hair Practical and Elegant

We gathered the practical and elegant hair styles for you. Here are the practical and elegant hair styles that you can easily make. Put your hair up as a ponytail and put on a hair band. Then, by folding the hair band, turn it into a bun. Add some volume and leave a few strands […]...